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Medicaid Solutions combines years of experience and expertise with a warm and personal involvement. Hundreds of satisfied clients refer their friends and relatives to us because they appreciate the Medicaid Solutions difference:
  • Results - Medicaid Solutions has helped hundreds of clients resolve their Medicaid issues, avoiding penalties and successfully saving their assets
  • Experience - The Medicaid Solutions team has over a decade of experience in dealing with all aspects of Medicaid eligibility, and is intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the Medicaid system
  • Up-to-date knowledge - The Medicaid Solutions staff constantly monitors the changes and updates in Medicaid regulations and guidelines, so that clients can receive the most accurate and effective guidance
  • Comprehensive - Medicaid Solutions offers comprehensive services, from the initial contact through final approval relieving our clients of the burden
  • The inside track - The Medicaid Solutions team enjoys excellent working relationships with the Medicaid offices, and can achieve or expedite results far more efficiently than individuals or other consulting firms
  • Individual attention - Each client is treated as if they were our only one. Phone calls and questions are always answered promptly and courteously
  • The personal touch - Medicaid Solutions prides itself on our integrity, approachability, warmth, and genuine caring for our clients. In fact, our clients often keep up with us long after their cases have been successfully resolved


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