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Over our many years of assisting clients, Medicaid Solutions has helped individuals just like you in achieving Medicaid eligibility. Here is a small sampling of the broad variety of situations we have dealt with:
Elaine T. was applying for Medicaid on behalf of her husband, Frank, who was receiving long-term care in a nursing home. Elaine engaged the services of an attorney to assist her in this process. The lawyer set up a trust for her, which he called “The T. Family Irrevocable Trust.” Medicaid argued that the trust was an available resource and denied eligibility. Unsure of how to address this concern but unwilling to relinquish the case, the lawyer repeatedly appealed the case – to no avail. As the case dragged along, Elaine continued to pay hefty legal fees as well as the considerable costs of Frank’s care – a financial nightmare. Then a friend referred Elaine to Medicaid Solutions. MS rapidly resolved Frank’s eligibility issues, and Medicaid began paying for his care forthwith.   Brad F's father, Edgar, was a resident in a NJ nursing home, and Brad applied for Medicaid for his father. However, Brad had a commingled account with his father, meaning that both their incomes were being deposited into the same account. To complicate matters, several other family members were also using this account jointly, so that the costs of Edgar’s care as well as many other family expenses were being paid out of the account. Upon reviewing the bank account, Medicaid informed Brad that additional clarification would be necessary in order to continue processing the case. Moreover, Medicaid considered all assets in the account to be Edgar’s own, and all expenditures as disqualifying transfers. Due to the complex nature of the account, Brad was unable to provide the necessary information, and the case was denied. The nursing home personnel advised Brad to contact Medicaid Solutions. MS filed for a fair hearing and in the interim, persuaded the Medicaid office to reopen the case.  Medicaid Solutions worked with bank officials to track and review each transaction of the account for the previous five years. They then advocated with the Medicaid office on Brad’s behalf to not consider the expenses as illegal gifts. The result: Edgar’s case was approved retroactively from the initial eligibility date requested with no penalty, much to the surprise and delight of Brad, his family, and the nursing home.
Robert and Phyllis K. were living in Brooklyn N.Y, but wanted to join an Assisted Living facility in N.J.  However, their limited resources did not allow the option of paying privately for this. They met with Medicaid Solutions, who immediately initiated the application process, even before the K’s came to N.J.  After they moved, MS arranged for a Medicaid Nurse to come down to see them. Due to complexities arising from the K’s aggregate income, MS applied for Robert through the County office, and for Phyllis through the Social Security office. The K’s were both approved for Medicaid within a month. A tremendous coordination effort was necessary to make sure the K’s received their eligibility status in a timely fashion.


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