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Medicaid Solutions provides a full range of Medicaid services, doing whatever it takes to make it easier for your loved one to receive benefits as quickly as possible:
  • Assessment/Guidance - Medicaid Solutions will carefully review your income and asset history and provide you with a thorough assessment, as well as a spend-down plan of action as necessary
  • Documentation - Medicaid Solutions assists in gathering all necessary documentation, including bank statements and other paperwork for submission
  • Social Services -Medicaid applicants are required to have a face-to-face meeting at the Board of Social Services. A Medicaid Solutions' representative will act as your agent and meet the Medicaid case worker on your behalf
  • Forms -Medicaid Solutions fills out all the necessary submission papers
  • Advocacy -Often, a simple misunderstanding or an individual case worker's opinion can get in the way of achieving benefits. Medicaid Solutions enjoys excellent working relationships with Medicaid offices throughout New Jersey, and can resolve such snags
  • Representation - Medicaid Solutions provides client representation at administrative law hearings
  • Follow up - Medicaid Solutions remains completely involved throughout the Board of Social Services' review process, until each case is successfully approved

Medicaid Solutions saves you not only the burden of the application process, but also valuable months of fast-tracked approval.



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